bvos_cover_sm1Beyond the Violation of the Self

Through numerous case studies, the book provides a deeper psycho-spiritual perspective for the healing of childhood wounds. The message is that we need to move our consciousness “beyond the violation of the self” by healing the cause of our self-abuse in order to achieve inner healing and inner peace. Direct communication with the realm of non-physical helpers provides insights into the healing of childhood wounds, the resolution of carry-over energy, as well as wisdom and knowledge critical to our spiritual evolution.  In-depth interviews between the author and a client’s Spiritual Guide provide paradigm changing insights into the healing of traumas, the resolution of carry-over energy, as well as the wisdom and knowledge critical to our spiritual evolution.

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“I am living proof that childhood traumas must be cleared totally from our DNA memory cells before success in life can take deep root and blossom fully through our creative selves. After a lifetime of hits and misses with optimal body-mind-spirit wellness, I, too, was finally able to employ clinical hypnosis to self-heal soul-level speed bumps and renew my journey into health, wealth, and happiness.”

Dr. John Jay Harper, retired U.S. Navy Employee Assistance Program counselor, and author of Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century.

“A beautifully written book with a new radical perspective on psychology that many may feel is beyond the rational and so it must be read with an open mind and an open heart.”

Philip Gardiner, author of Proof Does God Exist?

“A fascinating piece of work that shows the true heart of William Jump as he explores the use of hypnotherapy for the purpose of helping those who have suffered. By using his techniques those who endure trauma and abuse can be helped.”

Philip Spencer, Cryptozoologist and author of The Wildman of Kentucky, The Mystery of Panther Rock

Getting Your Soul Right Workshop

A psychospiritual approach to healing and evolving

  • The Shift (the dawning of a new experience for humanity)
  • Our Soul System (our non-physical realm of guides and helpers and chakra system)
  • Symptoms and Manifestations of childhood wounds (dissociative and spiritual)
  • Trance (the key to unlocking the door to healing
  • True Healing (accepting and healing all the parts of our self)
  • Our Spiritual Evolution (Why we are here)