The notion and reality that carry-over energy which includes incarnates and past life energy is brought down through the DNA coding is not a new concept. The fact that carry-over energy was dismissed in Western culture has paid a toll in our spiritual evolution.

The psychology field will not survive the paradigm shift if it remains stuck in its five sense cognitive mindset along with the reality tunnel of taking a pill to solve your emotional problems. We need a new discipline of the Spirit with a focus on healing at the soul level. It will be a discipline that combines psychological healing with spiritual growth. True healing has always been at the soul level. As we move into the new consciousness, we are seeing more awareness of “psycho-spiritual healing” modalities.

In the trance-work I began over two decades ago with trauma victims, a non-physical realm of guides and helpers opened up to me. Aside from the work of releasing blocked off trauma from this life time, on countless occasions, the system needed to heal and or exit out a carry-over energy. Symptoms from a carry-over energy can range from subtle to severe. Often these energies can lie dormant and awaken and cause the Host to have some rather dramatic feelings and symptoms. Unfortunately, we are in a societal “miasma of disillusionment”, that medicine can resolve blocked off primary emotions from trauma and or past life energy.

I have recently rejoined forces with a co-healer and co-author. She is a trance medium whose 8 dimensional guide is currently “soul scanning” individuals for blocks in their system that are perpetuating negative patterns in their life. Ninety per cent of those who are scanned possess a carry-over energy that is to some degree overwhelming and locking up their system causing an imbalance. More often than not, the children who have been diagnosed with ADD and pumped up with drugs have an imbalance because of a past life energy attachment. The negative energy needs to be released not compressed. We know that blocked off stress and trauma cause focusing problems and poor impulse control. For example, the fear or terror carried by a past life energy connects to the fear in the second chakra from this life time, causing an overwhelming block in the system. Most of the time this energy can be exited out during the scan which gives the system some needed relief and ability to move on and heal issues from this life time.

Incarnates from the family line will need to release and resolves their unresolved story that they have brought down from the past through the trance work. Often with sufficient healing, the incarnate can remain in the system as a helper. Sometimes they exit into the sphere of healing and cleansing.

“Human beings have so much pain that they are carrying around with them and they are not letting go of it and realizing their full potential. That’s what the trance work does: it releases that…”

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