heartAs a new psycho-spiritual discipline emerges in the new consciousness, most psychosis is cured by healing a shattered spirit, not just the symptoms of one.

As we enter a new dimension, a shift to higher levels of consciousness and away from the mind, we need to recognize the need for a psycho-spiritual perspective of healing. The mental health field remains stuck in a five sense cognitive mind set and tends to treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause and source. Kids who act out or can’t focus are labeled ADD and pumped up with drugs. Teen age girls who have emotional swings are quickly diagnosed as bi-polar and are given medicine. I’m not denying a true bi-polar condition. If one medicine doesn’t work, they are given more. If a troubled teenage male hears a voice, he is labeled schizophrenic and pumped up with drugs, when in fact his symptoms are more than likely coming from a malevolent past life energy. Again, I am not denying a real schizophrenic condition. Many of these individuals have not been assessed for childhood traumas and or carry over energy. This is a big problem because giving certain psychotropic drugs to individuals who are carrying blocked off trauma can backfire and cause more problems as we are seeing on the news. Returning vets diagnosed with PTSD are given cocktails of antidepressants and anti anxiety medications and we wonder why the suicide rate is up for them.

The psychiatric world does not do a good job of distinguishing between trauma syndromes and clinical syndromes. Individuals who clearly have clinical syndromes may need some psychiatric medication to help balance the functioning of the mental body. We remain in a mind set of treating the symptom and not the source. For trauma victims, the medicine can weaken the internal control system allowing a powerful negative part of the self to manifest in a horrific symptom and or reenactment. “Disruptive behavior or opposition of any sort is always the attempt of the will to recover its own lost alignment.” (De Rohan, Right Use of Will) As a new psycho-spiritual discipline emerges in the new consciousness, we will understand that most psychosis is coming from a shattered/fragmented spirit. Blocked off trauma from this life time and or from a malevolent carry over energy can not truly be healed on a conscious level and or with medicine alone. Through trancework (which needs to be rediscovered for the new paradigm), meditation and other healing tools, the blocked off/dissociated material can be accepted into consciousness and healed through a natural and neutral altered state of consciousness.

“Seeking out, facing with courage, and bringing into the Light of consciousness that which is unconsciousness, and, therefore, in a position of power over the personality, is what heals.” (Gary Zukav, Seat of the Soul)

The answer to why these situations are occurring more and more is because the current shift requires a “watershed” of the negative energy from the last 5000 year cycle. The powerful blocked off emotions from unresolved traumas and carry over energy are breaking through and manifesting in self and outer directed destructive behavior. Instead of addressing and facing our denials, individuals are closing off and shutting down and taking more medication which can alter brain patterns. Tranquilizing drugs and alcohol used in excess and as a crutch ultimately evaporates our personal freedom because we surrender the inspiration that comes from the array of feelings and emotions we need to feel for our spiritual growth, for new possibilities. This New Era of Humanity will not allow denials. We need to face the truth of our true self by accepting our denials into consciousness, not blocking them.

“We will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing our own soul.” Carl Jung

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