“The pain of abuse that someone carries within, the trauma of unfulfilled dreams and the sorrow of loss are not the kind of feelings that go away over time.  Whether we deny them or not, they remain as part of the weight that keeps our bodies tensed and our spirits constricted.  They fuel our drive to violence, and they eat our spirit.  When they are addressed in ritual, we get the chance to heal them.”

Malidoma Some  The Healing Wisdom of Africa


The emerging heart centered consciousness is requiring us to integrate all aspects of our being.  We will need to align our soul with our personality and balance our heart and mind as well as clear our chakras of negative energy.  This can only be done when we include in our transformation the healing our childhood wounds, accepting our denials into consciousness, and clearing those shadow parts that keep us living in and repeating the past.  Healing at the soul level will often require trancework (the natural trance state that connects us to the power within) in order to suspend consciousness so that the anger and fear can be released under the control of your own spiritual guide safely and tolerably.  Ignoring this step will not allow true healing to occur. Understand-denials block our life force energy.  They simple don’t let the light in.  Choose a deeper healing process that gets to the source of your symptoms.


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