Only making that which is unconscious conscious, can true soul healing come about.

I am starting to see a blacklash from some of the recent Spiritual Transformation teachings and techniques that seem to want to skip some steps in our soul’s evolution.

The misunderstanding that I see is in the message that we can just drop off parts of ourselves and tap into our Spiritual Essence and surge ahead in this New Era, this New Dimension of Consciousness.

I am not saying that we should not meditate, chant or pray in order to connect to our universal life force and deeper states of being to enhance our soul’s evolution. The availability f

or healing meditations on the internet is wonderful. However, through my work that has given me the opportunity to connect with higher guides and teachers, as well as from studying messages from Masters who have channeled through other Spiritual teachers, the word is that this will ultimately not work-not accepting denied parts of our selves into consciousness.

As Zukav w

rote in Seat of the Soul, “the soul creates a personality from those parts of the self that it lends to the process of healing in that lifetime.” The evolution of our Soul requires accepting our denials into consciousness through emotional release. This requires us to learn to stay detached – in our power- as the powerful feelings from our past are felt and contained long enough as to be released/d

ischarged by our Spiritual life force energy. Often an external helper is needed for the deeper healing. Denial and projection does not heal. Show me an angry projecting human or a denying human who ever gets better.

Psycho-tropic drugs give people a false sense of help

Medicines which may serve to relieve immobilizing symptoms so the individual can see so

me real possibilities in his life, but used as a long term crutch, ultimately block off new freedom and new possibility. They never heal the underlying source of the stress and trauma. In that regard, we are betraying our Spirit. Certainly medicines are needed for certain clinical psycho-neurological syndromes. Because the mental health system and psychiatric world has not dealt with trauma symptoms appropriately at critical developmental stages, spiritual guides do admit that the system

may sometimes need some medication to buffer the aroused mental body of the Host.

Be fulfilled in all of your selves – know them until they cease to know themselves


e Gospel of Thomas

Remember, we know the parts of our selves through our symptoms and triggered emotions. We become a slave to the denied parts of our self if they remain unhealed and will continue to play a role in creating bad life choices. The Shamanic Soul Retrieval involves retrieving, healing and restoring the lost parts of our selves through an altered state of consciousness which is the trance state. Once healed, we began to m

ove toward wholeness and balance.

We need to use the Spirit to heal the inner self

When we need to awaken and remember that we are Spiritual Beings, humans seem to be closing off. I am not denying that there is a collective consciousness for this new era of humanity and that incredible people are coming together on the planets behalf.

I ask my self, who is going to pay for my “Getting Your Soul Right” workshop that purports that True Healing may be a quite unpleasant and disturbing process when we take the challenge of facing the truth of our true self, and actually feel some negative emotions so our life force energy can release them? Be careful for the quick fix mindse

t for the healing of trauma. The reward is true freedom and the peace of being that we all want in this life time.

Trance connects us to our Universal Life force

In this new consciousness, true healing will need to rediscover trance healing to disconnect the conscious mind to get to the root of the problem in order to restore inner har

mony. The choice is to live with the negative attitudes, misguided beliefs and primary emotions from the past. We have to heal our chakras and balance our hearts and minds safely and tolerably over time so we can move to higher levels of awareness and understanding. It is about getting our soul right.

Tap into your power-your spiritual side- and rid yourself of the negativity and fear and you will see how powerful you are

and how much you can change your life.”

C’s guide

Sorry, no skipping steps to true soul healing.

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