Daily Record .Co.Uk – Sex Attacker Snared

This article is a reminder that Western culture, particularly the five-sense cognitve psychology field, needs to awaken to the notion that the God given hypnotic/trance state allows the uncovering and release of blocked off trauma that was guided to an altered state of consciousness. In the current shift in consciousness, hypnosis needs to be rediscovered as a state of mind that connects to all the power and resources you have in order to heal.

“To get a grip on your feelings you need to disconnect the conscious mind in order to get to the root of the problem in the sub-conscious mind.” (quote from a Spiritual Guide of one of my clients)

I have utilized the hypnotic/abreactive process for two decades in helping those who suffer with childhood wounds. Wake up Psychology world! Mind games and coping mechanisms do not resolve childhood trauma. It requires a deep memory process.

William M. Jump MS NCC


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