Soul Scanning — audio interview with 8th dimensional Guide

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Cheryl and I have joined forces again to help individuals with their spiritual evolution. Cheryl is a “trance medium” whose eight-dimensional Guide has the ability to “scan” an individual for carry-over energy (past life energy/incarnates) as well as for blocks in the chakra system from childhood traumas and stressors that continue to manifest in symptoms and bad life choices.

The individual being scanned is introduced to Cheryl and takes a sit in the safe and comfortable setting that is provided. On a conscious level I may talk briefly about the client’s symptoms/complaint. I take my normal position across from the client. Cheryl sits cater-corner. The process involves Cheryl the Host exiting into a theta trance as to allow her Spiritual Guide to come into the physical realm to speak. Her eyes remain closed during the process.

I have to dampen down her (Cheryl) personality in order to come through. I am able to see everything (in the individual being scanned) within a 55 foot radius. I can sense immediately if there is blocked off trauma or an imbalance. I can also see if there is a past life energy.” (C’s Guide)

The guide will usually exit out the carry-over energy which gives the system immediate relief. Symptoms from carry-over energy can range from subtle to extreme. Often the scan reveals that the system has been overloaded and overwhelmed and was unable to move forward. During the scan, C’s guide will focus on a particular chakra system that is problematic. For example, the second chakra is filled with shame and confusion from early maltreatment. Often some of the negative energy can be released from this particular chakra system. My role as the external helper is to help the individual on a conscious level understand the feedback that is being brought forth during the process and how this intervention will help them in their healing.

Following the scan, the individual is left with no puzzling questions about their symptoms and manifestations that have plagued them, sometimes for years. Continued trance-work is often needed to systematically and safely release and resolve the blocked off material. Typically there are other chakras that need to be healed in time. The goal is to help the individual move towards wholeness and balance. This is what our spiritual evolution is about.

It is about transitioning the energy inside oneself into a fluid state of grace.”

C’s Guide


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