William Jump author of BEYOND the VIOLATION of the SELF has joined forces with a trance medium and energy healer during this critical shift in human consciousness to help individuals heal and evolve through trance-work.  This helper’s eight dimensional Oversoul named “Jacob” has the ability to “scan” an individual at the soul level for blocks in the chakra system from childhood wounds and or carry-over energy that has and will continue to manifest in symptoms albeit negative attitudes, painful emotions, physical problems and misguided self images.  Bill, who has over two decades of trance-work with survivors of trauma, is the external helper who helps the individual process the information that is brought forth during the scan.

This initial “SCAN” begins the process of unlocking and releasing the negativity that has blocked and altered your Life Force Energy, interfered with your proper functioning, kept you living in the past, and limited your full potential.  We all begin our journey towards wholeness by honestly accepting our denials and facing the truth of our True Self.

 Seek a path of TRUE HEALING through trance-work sessions.

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