Healing A Shattered Spirit

On July 11, 2015 By

As a new psycho-spiritual discipline emerges in the new consciousness, we will understand that most psychosis is coming from a shattered/fragmented spirit. Blocked off trauma from this life time and or from a malevolent carry over energy can not truly be healed on a conscious level and or with medicine alone. Through trancework (which needs to be rediscovered for the new paradigm), meditation and other healing tools, the blocked off/dissociated material can be accepted into consciousness and healed through a natural and neutral altered state of consciousness.

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Carry-over Energy

On December 2, 2013 By

The psychology field will not survive the paradigm shift if it remains stuck in its five sense cognitive mindset along with the reality tunnel of taking a pill to solve your emotional problems. We need a new discipline of the Spirit with a focus on healing at the soul level. It will be a discipline that combines psychological healing with spiritual growth. True healing has always been at the soul level. As we move into the new consciousness, we are seeing more awareness of “psycho-spiritual healing” modalities. The five sense cognitive psychology mindset will not survive the shift.

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