The Watershed

Why the world is upside down


“There is an oncoming shift in the universe.  The universe is becoming less dense thus more particles, energy information, can move through.

C’s Guide

The following is an excerpt from an interview with an eight dimensional guide who have shared some incredible information with me over the last two decades.


“We are closing one cycle and moving into another.   There is much negativity.  There will be an important shift in consciousness in the next 5000 year cycle. Everything will change…viewpoints.  We will be in a much more peaceful society.  2012 was the peak for this particular instance.  The energy was raised at that point to the level of consciousness and we are now moving into that.  It will take several decades to filter out the last 5286 year cycle….50 to 80 years (maybe less) for all of the residue to diminish.  It doesn’t all happen at once.  We saw this shift before the peak of the cycle if only with the technologies.  We have had the hard sciences dominate for the last 1000 years.  We turned a blind eye to spirituality.  We are moving towards a shift to use this technology to create a better spiritual awareness.  Things have to change dramatically over the next 30 to 50 years. The charlatans will be going down.  Not everyone will move into this level which is not a tragedy.  They cannot understand how to ascend.  People are afraid to move forward or they are non-believers, or they have absolutely no knowledge at all.  Those who are aware are on the path of higher ascension.


We have reached this peak of energy and now we have the WATERSHED.  It is not going to be pleasant or easy.  There will be trials, especially for the spiritual.  Those who stay true to their faith will be rewarded. In order to ascend (spiritually evolve in this lifetime) and be like Christ, people need to stick to their beliefs ( not confabulated dogma that keeps us stuck in external power and fear, but the belief that we have all the power and resources within ourselves to heal, grow and evolve. “ The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”  Change comes from inner transformation.


There are pockets in tune with a global spiritual consciousness which will help bring the human species up to their potential level.  Humans have to figure out that they have a spirit, that spark of light within that comes form a divine source.”

C’s Guide



The Spiritual world can no longer allow denials.  This is why humans are going off the rails. Blocked off fear and anger is manifesting in horrific acting out behaviors.  Choose to accept your denials into consciousness  in a safe healing setting so you can heal, grow, and evolve.


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