Transpersonal Psychology, also referred to as Spiritual Psychology, combines psychological healing and spiritual growth. My practice which focuses on the healing of childhood wounds, draws from two decades of clinical hypnosis in the area of trauma and abuse. The empirical research on Dissociation and Trauma supports my psychological perspective that psychological healing requires us to resolve the dissociated trauma. *Van der Kolk writes in Traumatic Stress, As long as the memories of the trauma remain dissociated, they will be expressed as psychiatric symptoms that will interfere with proper functioning”. Through hypnosis, I have accessed a spiritual dimension to healing which has been integrated into my practice. Our personal denials and unresolved childhood wounds keep us living in the past. From a Spiritual perspective, Spiritual growth requires us to bring into awareness that which is unconscious. * DeRohan writes in The Right Use of Will, Only seeking and healing the cause in consciousness will produce true healing”. When we commit to healing, rid ourselves of the negativity, we tap into our power and change our lives, the essence of the Transpersonal perspective; psychological healing and spiritual growth.

*van der Kolk, B. A., McFarlane, A. C., & Weisaeth, L. (Ed’s). Traumatic stress. The effects of overwhelming experience on mind, body, and society. New York: Guilford Press.

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