Many of us who have chosen to do the deeper work, that is, healing at the soul level, have encountered the phenomenon of carry-over energy, also known as past life energy. A Spiritual Guide of one of my clients informed me that the universe brings back energies so the human race can evolve. Genetic patterns are repeated. The Western belief of “reincarnation”, that you the “conscious being” were here before is misguided. Our “Soul Helpers” that join us during this incarnation have recycled through physical reality multiple times. They bring us wisdom, knowledge and guidance. During my two decades of doing hypnotic/abreactive work, unresolved stories from previous times have emerged in my clients. These unresolved stories that are brought back for healing are connected to familiar energies from the ancestral line. Many clients have come to the therapeutic process with the belief that their reoccurring symptoms involve a past-life concept. A carry-over energy is considered when symptoms can not be explained from this life time. This is often difficult to discern because one can carry unresolved stories from both this life time as well as from another life time. The following are examples of physical and psychological symptoms that can manifest as a carry-over energy:

  • physical symptoms without medical explanation
  • reoccurring dreams and or flashbacks from a previous time in history
  • phobias and irrational fears, issues of rejection and abandonment not explained in this lifetime
  • self- mutilating behaviors not connected to a current life trauma.

Past life stories can awaken in childhood as a gloom and doom as well as in adulthood as a dramatic symptom such as panic, fear, or rage with accompanying vivid dreams. The resolution of carry-over over energy through the hypnotic/abreactive process can give incredible symptom relief to the client.


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