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    Beyond the Violation of the Self

    Through numerous case studies, the book provides a deeper psycho-spiritual perspective for the healing of childhood wounds. The message is that we need to move our consciousness “beyond the violation of the self” by healing the cause of our self-abuse in order to achieve inner healing and inner peace.

William M. Jump – Tranceworker

William M. Jump has a Masters degree in clinical psychology and post graduate training in Eriksonian hypnosis, trauma recovery, and Shaman healing. Over two decades ago while doing Trancework with survivors of childhood trauma, a direct communication with our non-physical realm of guides, helpers, teachers, and incarnates/past life energies emerged in the healing process. This has brought him a deep understanding of the dynamics of healing childhood wounds from both dissociative and spiritual perspectives. He has aligned himself with a psycho-spiritual healing perspective as an author, teacher, and external helper.

Bill is on a mission to share the wisdom and knowledge that has come to him through the direct communication with higher-level Guides. He has been told that it is time for humans to have this information. The clear message is that we all need to clear out the emotional blocks and illusions in order to heal, grow and evolve.

The role of Tranceworker is a neutral passive external helper who helps the individual who with the courage to heal, process the feelings and judgments that are brought to consciousness at that time. The setting and intent allows the individual to naturally achieve a trance state that connects to the power within for the deeper healing to occur. The Tranceworker encourages the self-discipline of daily meditation, exercise and the use of all resources that brings about the balance of mind, body and spirit.

We have for so long turned a blind eye to spirituality and have cut ourselves off from the universal life force energy that flows through us all. On the bright side, there is a current collective consciousness towards the return of the Christ Consciousness (love, forgiveness, and peace) that will be necessary for humanity to move into the heart consciousness which has opened up. We can no longer let fear, ignorance and misguided belief systems, keep us from remembering and awakening to our true nature as Spiritual beings. We need to get rid of the negativity and tap into our Spiritual side and realize what is most important is the evolution of our Soul. This transformation of consciousness starts with awareness.

He wishes to share the messages that have come to him at this critical time in our evolutionary shift through his “down to earth” interactive workshops and writing. He continues to do psycho-spiritual sessions with individuals and couples. See more about Trancework here.