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    Beyond the Violation of the Self

    Through numerous case studies, the book provides a deeper psycho-spiritual perspective for the healing of childhood wounds. The message is that we need to move our consciousness “beyond the violation of the self” by healing the cause of our self-abuse in order to achieve inner healing and inner peace.

Through numerous case studies, the book provides a deeper psycho-spiritual perspective for the healing of childhood wounds. The message is that we need to move our consciousness “Beyond the Violation of the Self” by healing the cause of our self abuse in order to achieve inner healing and inner peace. Direct communication with the realm of non-physical guides and helpers through the trance state provides insights into the healing of childhood wounds, the resolution of carry-over energy, as well as wisdom and knowledge critical to our spiritual evolution. Messages from high level spiritual guides and quotes from other spiritual teachers and healers validate the need for all of us to dissolve the misguided images, thoughts, beliefs, and negative emotions that are trapped in our chakra system so we can live our True Purpose. As S’s Guide states in the book, “humans have so much pain that they are carrying around with them from when they were a child and are not letting go of it and not realizing their full potential. The trance state releases that…to get a grip on your feelings you need to disconnect the conscious mind in order to get to the root of the problem in the sub-conscious mind.”

The following is a summary of our self/soul system as described in Beyond the Violation of the Self.

“Simply discard the notion that you have a single personality. Notice the variety that is you. You will find a lot of experiential validation when you drop the outmoded theory of one person-one personality.”

David Reynolds, author of Playing Ball on Running Water

A non-physical realm of guides, helpers and protectors opened up to me over two decades ago while doing trancework with trauma victims. I was often able to have direct communication with the guides, helpers and carry-over energy through the trance state. I learned that a spiritual guide and six child helpers that have been assigned to us and enter us at first breath; this is common to all of us. The child helpers align with the chakra system and become activated as the child goes through developmental stages. Often unresolved carry-over energy from the family line is allowed to incarnate for the purpose of healing and resolution. They can stay or more often exit into the light once healed. Unfortunately for many children, harsh realities interrupt their peace love and light and the overwhelming stress and trauma they are exposed to causes their self system to go on alert and the system gets thrown out of sync and becomes shattered and fragmented. This scrambles, alters and blocks the Life Force Energy. Helpers have to come out early to hold the traumatic material – the deep feelings and scary images. These experiences are blocked off/dissociated and are frozen in time. They tend to repeat themselves in triggered feelings and behavioral reenactments until healed. The traumatic symptoms become disconnected from their original source and take on a life of their own. We know the parts of ourselves through our feelings and our atypical reactions. Psychological healing and spiritual growth for all of us becomes the journey of clearing out the negative emotions and limiting belief systems so our system can move towards wholeness, balance and completeness in order to live in authentic power. It’s about our spiritual evolution. That’s why we are here.

The following is a conversation with a child helper of a female teenager as described in the book. She was sexually abused by her mom’s boyfriend, and physically and emotionally abused by her mom. As a teen she had a history of running away, alcohol problems, and sexually acting out. Her blocked off anger and rage would episodically be projected onto family members. Her biological father got custody of her and her brothers. Keep in mind that the teenage Host did not hear this because she was in a theta trance, placed there by her Guide.

“Mom hurts me. There is no reason to beat us with a board.”

(regarding the sexual abuse)

“Why didn’t she protect me?”

“I felt isolated and worthless.”

(when asked to imagine that mom was there, the following was shared by the child helper)

“I hate you.”

“I felt ashamed.”

“You didn’t believe me.”

“I am nobody.”

“I never felt love.”

Trauma is stored in a time warp and shatters our ability to process new information in the current reality and keeps us stuck in the past. This is why we must move Beyond the Violation of the Self.