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    Beyond the Violation of the Self

    Through numerous case studies, the book provides a deeper psycho-spiritual perspective for the healing of childhood wounds. The message is that we need to move our consciousness “beyond the violation of the self” by healing the cause of our self-abuse in order to achieve inner healing and inner peace.

TRANCEWORK is key in tapping into your life force energy to rid yourself of the negativity and fear. You will realize how powerful you are and how much you can change your life.

We have ended a 5000 year cycle and have entered a new important 5000 year cycle. This shift in consciousness will bring a better spiritual awareness. This new dimension of “raised energy” requires a deeper healing process. Despite our advances in science and technology, we have turned a blind eye to our spirituality and have de-evolved. By becoming closed minded, shut off, perhaps holding a false confidence with the technology, we have cut ourselves out from the reason we are here, our Spiritual Evolution. We are ignoring the inner guidance that will get us on the right path. What has long been known is that TRANCE is the magic key that unlocks the door to all the power and resources that you already have to help you heal, grow, and evolve… to become your TRUE SELF. It is too often our fear that keeps us from realizing and living our full potential.

The trance state is a natural state of mind that disconnects the conscious mind (our ego, self talk part) in order to get to the root of the problem in the subconscious mind. This is what the TRANCEWORK does. It clears the emotions trapped in our chakras. Through the guidance of an external helper, we enter a natural trance state that connects us to the power and resources within ourselves to heal our emotional blocks and limited beliefs so we can move toward self empowerment. Nothing can happen without the permission of the individual’s Guide. Nothing happens until the Host is ready to accept feelings into consciousness. Remember, our soul system is telling us through our symptoms that it is time for a part of us to heal.